The Complexities & Joys in Sourdough Bread Making

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The Complexities & Joys in Sourdough Bread Making: A great article from Glinda Major for the Mallacoota U3A, The Mallacoota Mouth 1666.

On the 4th August, a group of expectant participants gathered for a demonstration of the fine art of making sour dough bread. It does incorporate sound scientific principles too, understood to-day better than ever before.

Making sour dough bread is a time consuming process and that is proberly why once bread was able to be produced on an industrial scale, the making of sour dough plummeted. Many readers will remember how their local baker disappeared unable to compete with mass produced bread.

Those who regularly ate sour dough bread knew it was good for them but not exactly why. Recently, scientific research has indicated precisely, why it is good for general health. In the past, the “gut” rarely a word for polite conversation, was thought to be an organ for processing food and not much else. Now it is known to have a starring role in general good health. Sour dough bread as it relies on wild yeast and lactic acid bacvteria, fits into this regimen.

The excited buzz at the end told its own story of enjoyment and appreciation for Gerard’s Herculean efforts on behalf of all who came. Will Mallacoota lead the way in revitalizing sour dough bread making?

Who said quite falsely older folg are frightened to take on new tasks?

Read full article in “The Mallacoota Mouth 1666″

Sourdough Bread, U3A, 04-08-17
  • History of Sourdough: One of the oldest sourdough breads dates from 3700 BCE and was excavated in Switzerland,. The origin of sourdough fermentation likely relates to the origin of agriculture in the Fertile Crescent several thousand years earlier. Bread production relied on the use of sourdough.


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