MCS – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – Healing with Honeycomb

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MCS – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – Healing with Honeycomb – Australia: How Chemical Exposures may be affecting your health: Living with allergies since early childhood has given me insight into the effects of many different kinds of toxins (food, water, air – MCS) and electronic smog.

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For all types of normal allergic reactions, I only use apple cider vinegar, pure untreated honey and honeycombs for inner and outer bodily health.

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For a person with allergies it is very uncomfortable and sometimes life-threatening to be surrounded by neighbours who spray chemicals in their gardens, who burn plastic rubbish in their backyard, and who install a satellite dish on their roof so they can watch movies.

Many of the allergic reactions that I or other sensitives experience have not been identified and diagnosed properly. You have to be a person with allergies yourself to understand this network of reactions.

Life could be easier, if people only stop and think about what they do or think they have the right to do it. Sometimes their actions can and do harm other people, animals and even nature itself.

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