Mallacoota honey

Yum yum! I harvest my own honey which contains the delicious, pristine taste of Mallacoota’s environment.

Wild honeycomb

Taste the pure goodness of honey in its natural state, elegantly preserved in wax. Honeycomb is excellent for respiratory problems, such as asthma and other breathing difficulties. Learn more about the health benefits of honey and honeycomb. Email me today.

Natural beekeeping

Beekeeping the natural way is critical to keeping our bee stocks healthy into the future. Plus it’s so much fun and such a fascinating way to learn about our most important little agricultural and horticultural worker.


Bees are the original messengers of the gods. Would you like to learn more about this amazing little creature that lives inside the ultimate unified community? Email me today and let’s share and discuss our experiences.

DIY tips

You don’t have to spend a fortune on beekeeping equipment. If you have scraps lying around the house, you can put them to good use. Take a look at what I did with some of my secondhand wood: I built my own honey press and other neat tools. Would you like to build your own too? Get in touch.

Harvesting time

Nothing tastes better than harvesting time at the honey farm! The golden nectar tastes so sweet and good. Check out some of my previous harvests.

Bee-friendly backyard

Would you like to encourage bees into your garden, as well as a range of other natural pollinators, like butterflies? These insects prefer certain flowers, bushes and colours. Email me about how you can get started with a bee friendly backyard.

Bees don’t like chemicals

Experts say that the global problem of bee deaths may be linked to the use of household and agricultural chemicals, pesticides and fungicides. Before you spray your garden, please think about the natural inhabitants who may be harmed. We need our bees.

There are trees in Mallacoota that are nowhere else in Australia. The Red Bloodwood is famous for producing unique honey, and grows abundantly in Mallacoota. This is what gives Mallacoota honey its unique dark colour and smoky texture.


Health benefits of raw honey and wild honeycomb

  • Honey acts as an antimicrobial agent, and has strong antidioxant properties.
  • It heals wounds and burns on humans and pets
  • Effective against skin rashes
  • Reduces swelling
  • Relieves the symptoms of hay fever and asthma
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Breaks down cancerous cells
  • Able to heal stomach ulcers caused by bacteria
  • Relieves some forms of gastritis
  • Ideal as a facial mask and sore lips
  • Soothes against coughing


Why eat natural honeycomb?

Honeycomb is the purest form of natural unprocessed raw honey. It has more health benefits then normal honey courtesy of the live enzymes that flourish in the comb.


The perfect health food

Honey is delicious on yoghurt with fruit and nuts. I recommend it with your breakfast muesli. It is also very good on freshly made peanut butter, and is an excellent sugar substitute in desserts or as an accompaniment on a cheese platter.

Healing with honeycomb

Living with allergies since early childhood has given me insight into the effects of many different kinds of toxins (food, water, air – MCS) and electronic smog.

People who are unaware may laugh when they hear the word allergic reaction, but for a person with allergies it is very uncomfortable and sometimes life-threatening to be surrounded by neighbours who spray chemicals in their gardens, who burn plastic rubbish in their backyard, and who install a satellite dish on their roof so they can watch movies.

Living close to antenna towers, such as those that belong to your local radio and TV station, can harm people who are allergic to e-smog. Not to mention the unhealthy radiation that is emitted by the standard microwave or Smart Meters.

Many of the allergic reactions that I or other sensitives experience have not been identified and diagnosed properly. You have to be a person with allergies yourself to understand this chain reaction.

Life could be easier, if people only stop and think about what they do or think they have the right to do it. Sometimes their actions can and do harm other people, animals and even nature itself.

To help against any kind of normal (food) allergic reaction, I only use apple cider vinegar, pure untreated honey and honeycombs for inner and outer bodily health.


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Would you like to know more about my bees, healing with honeycomb, organic gardening or superfoods, bushwalking or simply wish to join me on a motorcycle trail  around Mallacoota, in Victoria or New South Wales? Then please send me an email (I speak English and German). I invite you to follow my daily adventures on my Facebook and Wolfraider and Mallacooty Honey Flickr pages.

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