Health Benefits of Honey

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Honey – Bees are one of the most important and beneficial insects. When it comes to honeybees, they help pollinate many of the plants that are important Honeysources of food for people. In addition, they also produce honey. Humankind has used honey since ancient times. The best way to fully appreciate and enjoy honey is to better understand it and where it comes from.

Bees and Honey

A honeybee’s journey toward the production of honey starts with flowers. To make honey, the nectar’s moisture content must be reduced to roughly 17 percent and enzymes from the bees must be introduced. This process begins when the foraging bee passes drops of nectar from its belly into the mouths of bees within the hive.


While some may consider beekeeping to be a way to make money, others view it as a hobby that allows them to study bees while also benefiting from the honey that they produce. Both the professional beekeeper and the hobbyist must understand what it takes to successfully maintain a colony of honeybees.

Honey and Health

Honey is generally considered safe to eat and offers many health benefits. Historically, it has been used for medicinal purposes and is thought to have antibacterial properties that may help prevent infections. >>> Read more


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