I love food – especially wholesome, organic, natural food. Having been trained as a Master chef in Europe, I experimented with all kinds of foods and diets throughout my career. Back then, we had a different interpretation of what constitutes a ‘Superfood’. Take a look at some of my recipes, which include how to make your own sourdough bread or yummy apple strudel.


Fermented foods

I wouldn’t be very German or a good chef if I wasn’t able to make my own sauerkraut! Sauerkraut is one of the best fermented foods that you can eat and was the superfood that Captain James Cook used on his voyages out to Australia to help his crew stay healthy onboard. Take a look at how you can make your own.

My organic vegetarian recipes are based on the practice of chemical-free organic gardening, nutrient-dense food and a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

Whether vegetarian, vegan or raw – there is so much variety, goodness and health-giving properties in eating smart, eating slowly, eating locally produced and organically grown food.

As kids, we grew up in Bavaria, Germany. We both loved fermented sauerkraut and vegetables. My great grandparents made their own bread and pickled vegetables at home.

For our inner and outer health, my family used their own homemade cold-pressed oak oil from German oak trees. We collected the acorns out of the local forests. They also made their own fruit vinegar, as well as apple and pear cider, which they stored in wooden barrels in their stone cellar.

For special occasions, my parents and grandparents made wild plum wine. The wild plums were picked after the first frost. Friends also made their own mead, or honey wine. These traditional recipes were passed down from generation to generation so that we would keep them alive.

As kids we collected honey from the local beekeeper in our village. Today, I collect our honey from own our bee hives. However, today we don’t produce any alcoholic beverages. Instead we enjoy the pure delight of fresh fruit juice and honey. We also buy our apple cider vinegar from the Pambula organic store.

In the 1960′s we changed to a vegetarian diet and steamed our vegetables. In the 1970′s we started eating Bircher Muesli with sprouted oats. In the 1980′s we made flat bread out of sprouted wheat or baked goods using the heat of our car bonnet while holidaying at the Mediterranean Sea.

What is known today as Superfoods has already been around in Europe for decades just under a different name. However the ideology has always been the same: to get back to nature, and a natural diet; to move away from chemicals, and the standard animal protein diet.

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