Chemicals Kill Bees – Managing Risks Of Chemical Use Around Bees

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chemicals-killDepartment of Primary Industries Maffra: The Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Act 1992 contains an offence for a person to use chemical in contravention of a prohibitive label statements ie: “DO NOT” statements.  Many agricultural chemicals, particularly insecticides, contain statements under the Protection of Livestock section of the label that relate to bees. For example: “DO NOT apply where bees from managed hives are known to be foraging, and crops, weeds or cover crops are in flower at the time of spraying, or are expected to flower within 28 days (7 days for pastures and sorghum).

Read: Legal Consequenzes 


Bees don’t like chemicals: Experts say that the global problem of bee deaths may be linked to the use of household and agricultural chemicals, pesticides and fungicides. Before you spray your garden, please think about the natural inhabitants who may be harmed. We need our bees.

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