Bees, Birds & Mankind: Bee deaths and Handy Tower

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wi-fi-drugBees – Birds – Mankind: Ulrich Warnke’s thesis “Bienensterben und Mobilfunk” – read Diagnose Funk-Artikel (Warnke Article Germany) – “Bees are able to sense and feel electric fields”

“It was already discovered in the early 1970s that bees use electric fields in nature to orient themselves, to locate and collect pollen, and to communicate with each other.

Even the famous bee dance is based on a dance of electric fields. A recent study in 2013 has reinforced this discovery. In the past the electric fields that bees followed were natural, but today a lot has changed with the introduction of man made electric fields courtesy of mobile phone towers, TV satellite dishes and much more. This has undoubtedly interrupted and interfered with the bees’ natural rhythm and communication, which some see has having contributed to worldwide ‘bee deaths’.”

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