Around Mallacoota

I’ve spent hundreds of hours exploring and discovering Mallacoota, the Croajingolong National Park and the East Gippsland region. If this is your first time here, let me share with you my bushwalking adventures.

High country

Coming from Europe, where I was regularly in the Alps for mountaineering or hang-gliding, the Australian Alps (including the Victorian and New South Wales High Country), hold a special place in my mind and spirit. Let me share my adventures with you.

Check out the new Wolf Raider – discovering new trails and exploring the beauty of Australia. My motorbike takes me from place to place, so I can enjoy and make the most of my time out in the bush. Everything I need packs onto the bike, so I’m always ready for the next adventure and tour. If anyone would like to join me on a trail, please get in touch. My favourite places include the Victorian High Country and around East Gippsland.

Nature Ethics

Before you go walkabout, take some time to consider the following. In outdoor clubs such as the scouts, the idea of ‘leaving no traces’ when going bush is widely propagated. This typically means minimally interfering with the local flora and fauna and doing your bit to preserve the local habitat for future generations to enjoy.

  • Be considerate of others
  • Wildlife is wild for a reason
  • Be careful when lighting fires
  • What belongs in the bush, stays in the bush
  • Take your rubbish with you
  • Setup a minimal impact tent site
  • Stick to the path and learn to navigate


At Mallacoota Honey I take this principle one step further. Leaving no trace not only means leaving no physical trace, but also no mental or emotional trace either. I certainly have a good time when I go bush and take home plenty of memories. But it is also important to me to consider how our behaviour and state of mind may influence my surroundings. My personal philosophy when out in nature is:

  • Take your time (there’s no schedule in the bush)
  • Listen and observe (tune into channel instinct)
  • Mirror what you see (hopefully only calmness)
  • Respect your surroundings (you’re a part of it too)
  • Leave things as they are (no need to control what has its own rhythm)
  • Above all, enjoy! (that is why you’re there)


Check out Wolfraider’s motorcycle adventures on Flickr!

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Would you like to know more about my bees, healing with honeycomb, organic gardening or superfoods, bushwalking or simply wish to join me on a motorcycle trail  around Mallacoota, in Victoria or New South Wales? Then please send me an email (I speak English and German). I invite you to follow my daily adventures on my Facebook and Wolfraider and Mallacooty Honey Flickr pages.

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