As I’m not very good at writing about myself (who is?), I’ve asked someone else to do it for me. So here goes, a short bio on me.

“I’ve known Wolf for 20 years now. He and his family have been living in Australia for 30 years, so if your dream is to experience the true essence of Mallacoota or Australia, then Wolf is the perfect guide.

“Wolf has hiked and camped in almost every state in Australia and explored the most remotest of places. With many years of bush experience in Europe, New Zealand and Australia, he is an experienced and knowledgeable hand.

“Wolf is happy to introduce anyone to Mallacoota, the Victorian High Country, or the Aussie Alps. He’s really the right person to give you a taste of his unique European-Australian blended lifestyle.

“A day bushwalking or motorcycle touring with Wolf, is always a day well spent. Wolf’s humour, personable and welcoming attitude, intimate knowledge of the bush and country, as well as his sense of adventure and fun, make for a memorable day out.”

My passion: organic gardening, bushwalking and motorcycle touring

My hobby: beekeeping

Would you like to know more about my bees, healing with honeycomb, organic gardening or superfoods, bushwalking or simply wish to join me on a motorcycle trail  around Mallacoota, in Victoria or New South Wales? Then please send me an email (I speak English and German). I invite you to follow my daily adventures on my Facebook and Wolfraider and Mallacooty Honey Flickr pages.

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