Superfood Cooking Workshop U3A in Mallacoota

A great article from Glinda Major for the Mallacoota U3A, The Mallacoota Mouth 1645.

On the 25 March a large group assembled, in fact the largest ever U3A’s cooking workshop, skilfully led by retired master chef Gerard. Some in the community will remember his very successful presentation on backyard beekeeping in Mallacoota.

Fermented Superfoods

The session began with Gerard outlining the history and the tradition of preserving by fermentation. It is a practice which has been perfected in colder climates for many thousands of years.

These days the end result of fermenting foods is known as a ‘superfood’ because of the acknowledged health benefits. Sauerkraut provides plenty of vitamins and minerals which aid the digestive system. In many cold climates, such as Canada serveral barrels were made by a family to last through the winter.

This session was the time for questions to be asked and procedures to be clarified.

After the introduction, the 18 participants were off for the practical part of preparation. Next the contents had to be pounded down layer by layer with a handful or two of salt. Soon nothing was heard apart from happy chatter with determined application.

Gerard answered many questions during the process while never stopping pounding. Each person had a finished jar by the end of the session.A medium sized jar can last about a month depending on how many eat the contents.

Of course, trial and error will help as the idea is tried at home. It is a relatively simple process for such important results.

Read full article in “The Mallacoota Mouth 1645″.

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