No Smart Meter - Electro Radiation

Our electricity provider, SP AusNet, recently told us by mail that the “Victorian Government mandates that electricity meters, known as smart meters be installed in all Victorian households and small businesses by the end of 2013.”

I thought do we live in a democracy? Our home is our private residence, which we bought with our own money, as well as our land. This is our private property. Since when can the government force themselves onto our private land and into our private home and force us to have a device installed without first asking for our consent and approval. This is the action of a dictatorship and not of a democratically run country.

Democracy. This is what so many western leaders around the world say they are fighting for. And yet? Has Australian changed into a dictatorship overnight? Furthermore, the device which the government wish to install is a proven health risk. Why would the government want to willing - and forcibly - make their citizens sick?

I have been living with certain allergies since I was a child. I was allergic to different kinds of toxins (in the air, water and food) and especially to electronic pollution. Allergic reactions to e-smog do not only take the shape and form of dizziness, headache, burning sensation, pins and needles, nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, but also a kind of all-over body torture. I feel this straight away whenever I move too closely to certain electrical applicances, even a simple desk lamp. I have had to avoid high power lines, microwave ovens, mobile phones, satellite dishes and antennas for years now.

Despite this, the government wishes for me to accept the new smart meter in my home. The smart meter is mobile technology: it sends and receives electronic signals without the medium of a cable. These frequency waves can move through any kind of structure, including the human skull and directly affect the brain. Even if the brain is not the intended target, the brain and its neurological system is interfered with and the brain’s own frequencies overlapped.

Small amounts over the day, is a large amount of influence over a long period of time. The risk is too great from a health perspective to allow this into our lives.

When the government starts with the smart meter, what will they want to push through next? What will be the next device they want in our homes? What right do they have to tell us free citizens of Australia what we should or shouldn’t have in our private residences?

Australia, wake up to what your government is doing and to the effects of what modern WIFI technology is also capable of doing.

Living with allergies since early childhood has given me insight into the effects of many different kinds of toxins (food, water, air) and electronic smog.

People who don’t know about hyper sensitivity may laugh when they hear about it, but for a person with allergies it is very uncomfortable and sometimes life-threatening to be surrounded by neighbours who spray chemicals in their gardens, burn plastic rubbish in their backyard, install a satellite dish on their roof so they can watch movies.

Living close to antenna towers, such as those that belong to your local radio and TV station, can harm people who are allergic to e-smog. Not to mention the unhealthy radiation that is emitted by the standard microwave.

Many of the allergic reactions that I or other sensitives experience have not been identified and diagnosed properly. You have to be a person with allergies yourself to understand the chain reaction.

ife could be easier, if people only thought about what they do or think they have the right to do it. Sometimes their actions can and do harm other people, animals and even nature itself.

For hypersensitive individuals, the effects are immediate and intense. EMF symptoms include: depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, difficulty finding words, episodic hypertension, eye inflammation, fatigue, forgetfulness, frequent infections, headaches, heart palpitations, hormonal disturbance, impaired balance, irritability, joint and limb pain, learning difficulties, loss of appetite, lymph node swelling, nausea, nerve and soft tissue pain, night sweats, numbness or tingling, restlessness, skin complaints, sleep disturbance, thyroid problems, tinnitus, visual disturbance.

For patients with heart problems, pacemakers or metal implants, a short exposure to strong EMF can be deadly.

For infants and small children, whose blood brain barrier is not yet fully formed, exposure can lead to devastating health problems.

The forcible introduction of increased near-field and far-field electromagnetic exposure violates a number of basic human rights including Sections 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 17, 20 and 21 of Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 in addition to other significant declarations of human rights to which Australia is a signatory.

Ulrich Warnke’s thesis “Bienensterben und Mobilfunk” talks about how bees are able to sense and feel electric fields. It was already discovered in the early 1970s that bees use electric fields in nature to orient themselves, to locate and collect pollen, and to communicate with each other. Even the famous bee dance is based on a dance of electric fields. A recent study in 2013 has reinforced this discovery. In the past the electric fields that bees followed were natural, but today a lot has changed with the introduction of man made electric fields courtesy of mobile phone towers, TV satellite dishes and much more. This has undoubtedly interrupted and interfered with the bees’ natural rhythm and communication, which some see has having contributed to worldwide ‘bee deaths’.

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